derek hasn’t been more wrong since thinking us living together was a good idea (bonus saturday post because i had to respond to derek’s post on friday)

25 Aug

oh, the living together wasn’t bad at all.  it was just a horrible idea because neither of us slept much, there was always about 3 people who didn’t live there hanging out in the living room, and he created bubbles and lawrence with my (at the time) future (now current) wife.

what was he wrong about?  his last comment about how he doesn’t think i would like this story.

now, this is going to sound mean, but believe me, this is a compliment – when derek doesn’t write as derek he’s brilliant.

for serious.

don’t get me wrong, he’s a very solid writer.  i’ve never read anything he’s written (be it these stories, his plays, even his novel) where i’ve absolutely hated it to the point of getting angry (much like how i was yelling at the books for the entire second half of the hunger games travesty – katniss is the worst character in the history of written characters, but i digress).  that being said, derek writes in a pretty specific style.  actually, i can’t really say that because his writing has a tendency to go completely random and bizarre.

he wrote this story as the character, not as derek writing as a character.  i’m pretty sure that was his goal (why wouldn’t it be?) and he succeeded a billion times over.  he succeeded so completely that i hate my story this month even more, and i’m going to have to revise the crap out of it to not be completely embarrassed to send it out at the same time as this one.

i’ll give a more detailed review of his story after the two of us talk on monday night, but i have maybe five notes to give him.  seriously, screw that guy.

i’ve read close to everything derek has written through the years.  he’s won awards for various things (maybe just the one play, but he sure talks about it a lot).  this story is the best thing he’s ever written.


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