another month, another crazy revision

29 Aug


actually, this one wasn’t so bad to pull off.  i had the story already written, i just needed to add a few characters, clear up a bit of confusion, change it from first to third person, change how it started, change how it ended, change pretty much everything in the middle – actually yeah, it was a lot of work.  that’s why i’m posting this at 9:45pm est instead of sometime this morning.

as i said to derek as i sent him the new version of this month’s story “it’s much improved over the last version and i feel a lot better about it.  it’s not exactly where i want it to be, but it’s much closer than it was.”

my original story was just shy of 4000 words.  i wrote the new one in about five total hours of work time and it’s just shy of 5000 words.  i’d say about 184 of those words are the same, but not necessarily in the same order.

gosh i’m exhausted.

we’ve received a substantial contribution for our topic this coming month, and i’m sure derek will fill you in on what we decide upon when he blogs next.  it should be an interesting time.

also, we picked out our december topic and it’s going to be awesome.  or a complete disaster.  possibly a disawester?


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