September by any other name

31 Aug

As you astute readers may have picked up, every 3 months, rather than simply give a topic that we both need to write about, we do something different. In March, we had to incorporate 5 sentences into a story. In June, we each wrote 750 words of a story then handed it over to the other person to finish it off. Now it’s September, so what do we have in mind?

We asked people for names that should appear in our story, hoping to get a couple of dozen to choose from. What we got was so overwhelming that we have tweaked our idea. We got over 120 submissions this month. So here’s what we have decided.

We will pick 3 mutual names that we will BOTH  incorporate into our stories.

We each picked 3 names for the OTHER person to put into their story.

We each picked 3 additional names to incorporate into our story.

Obviously, with nine names and stories of (usually) around 5000 words, it’s pretty tricky to get all of them to be major characters. So what we’ve decided is tw-fold. 1) All names much be mentioned in the story, but they don’t all have to be major characters. And 2) at least one name from each “category” must be a main character. I hope that isn’t so complicated.

Anyway, the actual breakdown of who we’re going to include will get posted on Monday (when most people check Facebook), but in the meantime, here is the entire list of names alphabetically. It does NOT mention who suggested them (for space reasons), but know that when we post the “winners”, we will certainly credit who proposed them. Without further ado:

A seamstress named Lucely
Amberleigh Newton
Angela Fangsbar
Asher Owen-Lloyd
Auberon Farnsworth
Ayita Blackbird
Bambi Bowie
Bernice Dourlips
Big McLarge-Huge
Bonita Wood Camacho
Brindle Mínervudóttir
Calliope Handwerker
Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
cassandra meridian spritz
Cassidy-Jane Duvall
Chaz Overstreet
Chives Doorani
Clair Voyant
Condoleza De Lobos
Constantina Rundkopf
Cup E. Cake
Dakota West
Dee Dee Goldberg
Dick Pokington
Diego Sang von Kurtz
Dirigible Hobbes Kuefer
Dirk Mcmacker
Echo Ferreira
Edgar Bull
Electra Wolf
Elias Goodrich Mcfanny
Eola Swift
Ezra C. Holly
Ezra Sinjun Urquhart
Felix Mull
Felton Thackeray
Fifi Deville
Filbert Einstein
Gearhead McGee
George Spelvin
Georgette Groeg
Gianni Pizzicato
Glenda Decatur
Haddeau Vendredi
Halls Torgrimson
Haya Simian
Herman Beeftink
Hillary Portsmouth
Hipster Dujour
Honoria Appleby
Ican Suckokgood
Igor-Amos Simpleton
‎Ivy Juniper
Jabari Ateker
Jubilee Worthington
Jules Silverman
Kenyon Kaleyfan
Kumiko Von Bradenburg
Lady Lydia Tatt the Second
Lark St. John
Laurette Bonenfant
Leonid Kuznetsov
Lester Faron Angel
Lilly Laney Lullaby
Lord Brunchnam and his squire Lentia
Lorelei Andersen
Lusty B. Hornier
Lux Ivanov
Maddison Woods
Mae Lynn Washington
Margarita Conhielo
Marie Nesmond
Marlowe Grier
Master Richard Bator
Mercy Boku
Moira Carpenter
Musumeci Sueko Rapace
Nesrin Çelik
Nicholas Fly
Obladi Backgammon mcknacker
Patience Makepeace Oak
Patxi Zarranz
Phil Dearmond
Phillys Tean
Princess Consuela Banana  Hammock
Reese De Rouen
Regina Thornton Bledsoe
Rhapsody Smith
Richard Tate
Richard Tater
Rin Youko
Rock Tom-Tom
Ronan Kennall
Rosa Lee Leigh
Rosetta Stone
Ryan Hastings
Sassafras McGillycuddy
Scarlet Bieber
Scott McMack
Scotty Moskowitz
Seamus mac Cormac
Secotine Stickford
Serena Farandole
Sir Clackamas
Snyder Mcgillicutty
Spirulina Lovejoy
Stiletta Shoemaker
Stoney Burnside
Sundae Milton
Sunny Hills
Tennessee RisingFawn
Terra Mars
Thad L. Dieu
the Orkin Man
Tilly Eatsmeagain
Tony Sprout
Twiggy Osmond
Vincent von Varicose
Violet Turpitude
Voluptua Trebuchet
Zoe Kleinschmidt O’Malley

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3 responses to “September by any other name

  1. Carol Fanger Bell

    September 1, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Did I miss the August stories?

    • aaronsbell

      September 1, 2012 at 3:57 pm

      nope. they should go out later today, but derek is out at a tournament so it may happen tomorrow. i could send out mine, but i don’t have a copy of his final version on my computers to send.


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