The Names We Must Use

04 Sep

In my last blog post, I explained what September’s “topic” is. Here are the specific names that we are to include  and who submitted them. Note: these names are at a minimum – we could always opt to use more, but with 9 already in there, I doubt we’ll see much more.


JOINT NAMES (we both must use these)

Lark St. John (Ivy Juniper)

Rhapsody Smith (Cecile Josaitis)

Scotty Moskowitz (Glenn Craven)


AARON’S NAMES (he picked the 1st three, I picked the last 3 for him)

Asher Owen-Lloyd (Cecile Josaitis)

Clair Voyant (Kittenof Igotsya)

Patxi Zarranz (Cecile Josaitis)

Gianni Pizzicato (Cecile Josaitis)

Nicholas Fly (James Macfadzean)

Reese De Rouen (Gearhead McGee)


DEREK’S NAMES (I picked the 1st three, he picked the last three for me)

Voluptua Trebuchet (Emily Payne)

Nesrin Çelik (Gearhead McGee)

Rock Tom-Tom (James Macfadzean)

Maddison Woods (Joseph Musumeci)

Rosa Lee Leigh (James Macfadzean)

Eola Swift (Cecile Josaitis)



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