what is going on here?

06 Sep

it’s the 6th and i already have my story (basically) plotted out?  is it also true that i’m going to start writing it today?  why yes it is.  i had a little bit of inspiration, and i think i have a decent idea.  i had to do a little research to see if it’s been done before, and while i’m absolutely positive it has, i couldn’t find it anywhere.

derek, you should stop reading here unless you are set into your own story this month.

did he stop reading?

ok, now that he’s gone, let’s talk.

so we have character names that were submitted by our readership.  when we reviewing the names to use, one stuck out in my mind.  i had no idea what i would do with it, but i kept coming back to one name.  derek wasn’t so keen on it, mostly because it was a pun, so when i suggested it for both of us he said no.  of course, when i picked my own 3 names, this was first on my list – clair voyant.

i was thinking about it the other day, and i figured out how to use her.

she’s going to realize she’s a character in a story and tries to put an end to it.  i’m not exactly sure how she’s going to go about doing this, but there’s a good chance derek or myself may end up as characters in this story as well.  we’ll just have to see where this story takes me once i start writing.


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