Treading Water

10 Sep

I’ve not read Aaron’s writeup since, as you are about to see, I’m sorta stuck here this month.

It’s been ten [admittedly busy] days since getting our topic and settling on a list of names to include in my story, and so far I have zero words written down, even in terms of brainstorm. Well, technically that’s true, but I’ve been brainstorming more than normal for this month.

Last month, I changed the tone of my writing for my piece. I was talking with good friend Kevin Gilbert about some of the stories from this project, and it made me remember one thing I always admired about Kevin the writer: he would often play with the format of his writing. (Once while playing Balderdash, he handed in a “triptych” – 3 blank sheets of paper with one smelling slightly of ketchup juice). He usually screws with convention earlier rather than later. The 8 stories I’ve written are all just that – short stories. I haven’t played around.

Aaron, unless you’re firm with your story, look away.

Originally, my idea was to do a “behind the music” kind of biography of the band Rock Tom-Tom (you’ll remember that was one of the suggested names that I very nearly picked, but I’d use it anyway). It would be an all-girl band (I noticed nearly all the names I picked or someone picked for me were girls) and I really liked that idea. But I also remember a theme-mail I wrote to will kinda like this and that tanked, so I lost steam on this idea quickly.

My next idea was to have it be a woman with multiple-personality disorder, so that hardly and of the “names” were characters. The break-of-format would be that it would be the clinical diary of the psychiatrist assigned to her case. In fact, this is LIKELY where I’m going to end up. But then I thought of this super-awesome-totally-unprectable-Shamylan twist!!! Except I realized that it was basically the twist I put in my January story. I was going to have it so that the doctor who was analyzing all of her personalities was actually an inmate there, and these were literally all different people that he thought were different incarnations of the woman. It’s a decent twist, I suppose, but it is too similar to January.

So that leaves us with a rock band, a crazy lady, or both. I was hoping to have more options, but as of now I don’t have much, and my brain is pretty fried from the rest of my life. I think this will be one of those cases where the final product will evolve as I start to write. I just finished reading Michio Kaku’s “Physics of the Impossible” and he talks about the realistic probability of precognition, and I also think I might want to incorporate that. We’ll have to see, I think.

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