In the Can

19 Sep

I might mean this in two ways. My story is in the can as in it is done, all the words are written. It’s the shortest story I’ve written so far, which in itself isn’t a big deal. But without having re-read it yet (I usually wait a few days before giving it a final once-over before sending to Aaron), I can’t help but feel somewhat anti-climactic about it. Most of my stories have some sort of twist ending, which I think is natural with my writing style, but this one I feel just sort of ends.

There is much I am proud of. The title is my favorite (I normally don’t like my titles and give my pieces of writing names more out of necessity than anything), and I really like how the names incorporate themselves into the story. As an added bonus, I didn’t just use my 9 names, but I think I incorporated 4 or 5 others from the list. It’s not to show off, I figured out ways to put them in that I feel didn’t overburden the story. After all, only 3 of the names in the story are actually characters (and only two are actually characters that speak); the rest are referenced. Also, I think I lived up to the challenge of writing in the present tense, though I can imagine that it might ultimately be a hindrance to the readability and not a boon.

I’m hoping that, when I read it again, I like it more. Most of the stories I’ve written I enjoy more after reading them a few times. If all of my writing is like that, I might have trouble gaining any sort of following. I don’t know that I’ll have to actually re-write before sending to Aaron other than maybe touching up grammar, so for better or for worse this is it. This was definitely a story outside of my comfort zone (despite having written about crazy people all year). We’ll see if it fails or prospers.

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