what an end to the month

02 Oct

my last post here was about how disappointed i was with my story.  it had a great idea, but lacked a pace that flowed and lost my own interest as i was writing it.  after speaking with derek through a series of emails and a phone conversation, i found direction.

while the final product is not quite where i’d want it to be, it is a vast improvement over where it was and i actually sort of enjoy it.  it’s a story i’ll more than likely go back to after this year is over and try to clean it up and finish it off.

this month, i think i already have my idea, but writing it is going to be (probably) insanely more work than i think i’m ready for.

derek – stop reading here.  in fact, even when you’re set on your story you shouldn’t read any of my posts until you read the story i send you (unless i tell you otherwise).

so, i’m almost 100% sure i’m writing this month’s story as a choose your own adventure.  i’m not quite sure how this will work as a short story, so we’ll see how it goes. i have no real idea how to go about writing like this.

do i write the main story in its entirety and then go back and come up with places to make choices?

do i write until a choice and then branch off from there, which means i’m going to be writing fragments after fragments after fragments.

will this even work because most people will probably read this on their computer, so having them skip from page 2 to page 9 may be more trouble than it’s worth.  i’ll have to see what i can do with links in the story.  and therein lies the biggest problem.

this is going to be a formatting nightmare.  also, this story may be about 30 pages long because of each choice leading to different outcomes and more choices.

i actually think i’ve just talked myself out of writing like this.  although 2nd person seems like fun …


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