i stopped at sayonara (which is how it’s spelled in english)

08 Oct

or you could have just written さよなら, but i guess that’s a little bit out of your wheelhouse.

also, derek, stop reading here.

i have figured out the one actual hurdle i’ve had with my decision to attempt a choose your own adventure style story.  not the fact that it’s going to be about 40 pages long, but mostly how i was going to make it work.

after doing a bit of research into hyperlinks and bookmarks within word documents, i have a rpetty decent working knowledge of how the reader can skip from point to point.  the only thing i’m still trying to figure out is if it will work in older versions of word (or the demo-ish versions people get when they buy a computer that aren’t the complete working version of the program).

i suppose if it doesn’t work, people will just have to print it out and go from there.  i think i’ll have to include page numbers just in case.

now to get into the writing.


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