Preparing to write

09 Oct

First off, I gotta say it’s just weird not reading about Aaron’s story at all. I’m not even looking at his posts right now, as he shouldn’t be looking at mine. After I read his first draft, it’ll be fun to read and see how he got there. So I figured I’d add where I’m at.

I don’t think I’m going to totally flip off the topic. However, I am doing a few sneaky thing. As usual, the book I just finished (Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde) is subtly infusing itself into the story, as might my favorite movie of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

I have a scientist of some sort (perhaps named Baker?) who begins baking memories (or dreams, I haven’t decided which) into his pies. Oh, I should mention that I think I’m going to be telling it something like a fairy tale. Anyway, he might work with a baker to do it, I’m not sure. But it will be his scheme to take over the place he lives (of course it will be Sleepy Town). Baking dreams makes more sense with a town called Sleepy Town, but I kinda like how after people eat the pies, they suddenly have memories of him being given total sovereignty over the place. It’s a global domination kind of thing.

That doesn’t incorporate the tree, and I still don’t have a protagonist (which I can see being a pretty large stumbling block) which is why I haven’t started writing yet. But it’s already the 9th and I have a major tournament this weekend, so I won’t be doing much writing then. I might just have to start writing and see where it takes me. I like that sort of mapless writing.

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