derek, ignore this one as well

17 Oct

so, how would you write a choose your own adventure about a baker changing people’s dna through his foods?  no i’m being serious here, because i’m way behind.

apparently picking this month to write not just one story, but many variations of events in that story for the choosing your own adventure part was a mistake.  the month filled with NYCC (new york comiccon), my youngest child’s baptism, and many other family related things that are eating away at my time (who am i kdding, i’m watching ernest movies with my 3 year old – father of the year, that’s me) i don’t think i’m ever going to finish.

that being said, i’ve been in worse conditions before during this project and turned out some decent writing.  here’s hoping i can have a prolific night tonight because i start some training at work tomorrow and instead of working less than a 3 mile round trip from home, i’ll be over an hour away without traffic.

back to the story though, i’m LOVING my idea.  it’s basically this baker who has started manipulating people’s appearance through his food.  i haven’t figured out exactly why he’s doing it yet, but it’ll have something to do with the family tree portion of our topic.  maybe he’s alone and has no family left and just wants people to be hsi ‘family?’  maybe he is just nuts?  who knows.  i’ll get there when i get there.


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One response to “derek, ignore this one as well

  1. Ash

    October 18, 2012 at 12:10 am

    One idea to help you get to the multiple endings is to simply write out the main story. Then you can sketch out a couple options and write those out as single pages of text.

    Another idea is to steal the movie Clue’s idea and write out the story and offer a couple of alternative endings afterward, letting your audience choose which one they like most.


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