my goodness what a month

27 Oct

considering how i had my idea and starting writing on the 3rd, it took me until last night (the 26th) to finish my story.  i knew i was already losing one weekend for NYCC and most of another one for my youngest son’s baptism and preparations for the party, but i did not see any of the other distractions coming.  i’m not going to get into many details, but let’s just say that he is not taking to teething nearly as well as his older brother did.  every time i would sit down to write, i’d have maybe 10 minutes before he’d be awake and screaming in discomfort again.

as for my story, i’m curious what derek will think of it.  i’m going to be honest, last night i have zero idea what i was even writing.  the ending (well, if you’ve been reading my blog – multiple endings) probably make zero sense and the final one probably comes out of nowhere and needs to be cleaned up – a lot.  other than that (and i’ve now caught up on derek’s blog for the month) i sort of did what derek hinted at doing.  i didn’t really make anything to do with a family tree.  it’s mostly a bit of genetic alteration to create a ‘family’ i suppose.  and even that isn’t prevalent in all of my story(s).

this morning before heading to work i was talking to my wife about this story.  she asked how i thought it went and i told her.  then she asked me why i keep trying to do these crazy things with the stories.  to be honest, i think it’s partly to try to write something i’m not familiar with.  to see what i can do with different things.  mostly, i think it’s to torture myself.

next month i’m not going to go overboard.

i hope.


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