the month from hell

12 Nov

so october was pretty awful.  granted my house is still standing and we suffered no damage to anything so i guess i really can’t complain too much.  anyway, here’s how my month played out –

everything was going real well.  my story was moving along swimingly and then a bunch of random events around my house prevented derek and i from skyping this month as we usually do to to go over our stories.  instead we had a brief phone conversation about a couple big points, but overall nothing major.

then superstorm sandy decided to destroy the new york/new jersey area.  luckily i had charged my laptop before the storm and emailed my story to myself from my other computer so i could do work on it during whatever power outages we had.  then i used my computer to entertain my 3 year old with a movie or two and the battery was gone.  during our week without power, around day 3 we just decided to move in with my brother-in-law, who only lost power for about 36 hours.  my wife and i would have toughed it out at home if it was just the two of us, but with two young kids, we couldn’t handle the whole ‘no heat’ thing.

we came back home on the sunday after the storm and our power came back on in the mid-afternoon (again, thank you to the awesome workers from kansas who showed up on my street and had everything fixed in about 45 minutes).  that was when we realized that both of my boys have a good probability of having my pet allergies (my brother in law has two golden retrievers).  they both had runny noses and red eyes the entire time we were there.  when we got home, they were both almost immediately better.  then they both got worse.

that was when we realized they probably had a cold (and my hope that they didn’t inherit my super-power of sinus infections every time the weather goes from warm > cold).  they both got better, which was nice.

then we got hit up with a nor-easter.  as if the east coast wasn’t still suffering enough, a whole bunch of snow dropped on us.  i think we got around 3 inches, but areas around us got closer to 8.  as is the usual in new jersey, two days after the snow it was 60 degrees and it was all melted.  that was when the boys got sick again (or perhaps still).

something you will learn (or already know) if your kids are in daycare – they will pretty much always have a cough or a runny nose.  nathaniel’s cough was bad enough that we took him to the doctor who gave him some meds and zachary was just miserable but there’s really nothing you can give a 7 month old.

they both got better, and now is the best part – somewhere my wife and i both picked up strep throat.  we’ve been trading off who gets to nap and who gets to try not infecting our kids for the past three days.  but as you can imagine, this has not been a happy house.  luckily our meds have kicked in and we feel much better (and are no longer contagious).

this series of events is pretty much why we decided to make a short-short story this month.  luckily i’ve been able to brainstorm an idea, and i hope i can get to writing it in the next day or two.  more than anything, i hope that the rest of november/december go WAY smoother than the end of ocbtober/early november.

*edit* also, i should mention (as derek did in his last post) in the midst of all of this my wife got into an accident and (possibly) totaled her car.  she was unharmed, but it was one other thing that has made these past few weeks so super awesome.


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3 responses to “the month from hell

  1. esoderek

    November 12, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Stories should hopefully go out tomorrow!

  2. Ash

    November 13, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    I’m sorry things have been suckamolee for you guys. I _am_ glad you’re all ok and I hope everyone is on the mend by now.

    • aaronsbell

      November 13, 2012 at 9:51 pm

      thanks ash. julia and i are feeling better, nathaniel is his usual crazy self and it turns out zachary does not have strep (took him to the doc this morning – again – to check him out). hopefully another day or so and he’s back to normal too.


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