historical short, short fiction?

15 Nov

derek, you know the drill.  i read yours because i’m set on mine, and it seems you’re set on yours so go ahead and whatever.

so i’ve been thinking.  once the pain want away, an idea popped into my head.  what could make things dark?  i could go the obvious route and rant about the handling of the post-hurricane sandy cleanup.  OR i could do a complete 180 and write about a soldier laying on a battle field dying after some civil war battle.

either way, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other.

i decided to go the easier route and write about a dying soldier.  this is where the fun part comes in – research.

this month was already severely shortened for me (derek too i suppose), and i probably only have a week or so to write this entire thing.  so why have i spent the past two days reading about various battles of the civil war?  well, because i figure i can knock out this story in a day when i sit down to actually write it.  ALSO because i should probably know what the heck i’m talking about.

i’m not going to get into details on the blog about which battle i’m writing of (actually, in my story i may not really mention it, maybe just a location).  there will probably be a bunch of clues that could lead you to figure it out.  i mean, stonewall jackson was only killed during four different fights, so that’ll narrow it down for you right there.

maybe the internet isn’t the best place for me to get my information?



also, has anyone noticed that most of my stories involve people dying?  i wonder why that is.  i don’t set out to do it on purpose.  at least i don’t think i do.  one thing’s for sure, i already started plotting out my december story.  it’s going to a lot of fun for me to write, and i don’t think anyone is going to die.

actually, i can’t make the promise.


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