19 Nov

I signed on to this site to find out that I have 4 hours to submit this. Good thing Aaron and I don’t actually follow these deadlines all that seriously, as long as we get everything written and edited by the end of the month (October’s stories notwithstanding). The 4 hour thing might be hard since I’m doing a retool of my story. Same idea, but changing it from first person (which is too limiting for what I’m trying to do) to third person. It might not work so well that way, but we’ll see.

I just finished an biography of Douglas Adams who was historically bad at deadlines, but I had no idea. At least two of his novels got to the point where he had ZERO words written after his deadline had passed. I think we’re doing fine.

Also, why is Carol the only one to have commented on our stories in the last few months? While I appreciate her comments (particularly because they’re positive!) I feel like others of you HAVE to be reading these stories and have something to chime in. We have thick skins, really. If you don’t like them, tell us why. We are trying to better ourselves (of course, doing it in a way where we’re definitely not producing fully fleshed out works, and that might be part of the problem). Anyway, send us feedback!

So yeah, I’m undergoing a massive retooling my story’s perspective. What’s more, I’m trying something of constrictive narrative, so I will be trying to accomplish something that should really take me longer to attempt than what I have left. It’ll be a challenge, but it’s invigorating me, so that’s something.

Note, I am taking liberties with the actual wording of the beginning passage that we are to use. I must be forgiven of this, but it is for the greater good.

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