December’s topic

02 Dec

so derek and i have been at this for almost a year now.  we’ve been doing a sort of gimmick idea for every 3rd month’s story.

– in march we asked for sentences that we must include

– in june we wrote the first ~1250 words for the other person to finish their story

– in september we asked for characters that had to appear in the stories

so what were we going to do for our big finish in december?

the original idea was that we were going to write stories that included the two of us as characters.  i had been developing a fantastic idea for a story set back when derek and i lived together.  you see, we had a whiteboard in our kitchen.  i’m honestly don’t remember how it came up, or why it came up, but across the top of that board was written “Gorm’s Bunch House.”  it was something that i said one day and we laughed for a while before adding it to the board.  based upon a can of tuna, we amended the slogan to include “We’re light in the chunk.” my story was going to be all about the mystical location of said ‘bunch house.’

then we decided to have people come up with characters for september, and we felt that using us as characters was too similar and the idea was scrapped.  so what would we do?  we had written 11 stories so far, some good, some bad, all of them different.  while we were talking the other day (or maybe it was last month, i honestly have lost most of my concept of time) we came up with a terrific idea.

write a sequel to one of the other’s stories.

after we spoke about it a little bit, we decided to broaden it a little bit to basically allow us to write a prequel or a sequel, or just a story based in the same universe as one of the 11 stories the other person wrote during the year.

as you can imagine, we both have a good amount of source material to select from.  i’ve gone back and re-read three of his stories so far, even though i’m pretty sure i know off of which one i’m basing mine.  this should be a fun month, and an equally fun way to end this project (as of now, we aren’t sure if we’re going to continue the project into the next year.  we may modify it to allow us more time to write and make it feel a little bit less like a second job.  who knows.  that’ll be in another post in the future.).


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One response to “December’s topic

  1. 1 Story A Week

    December 2, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    That sounds fun! I wish I had a writing partner.


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