my december story is finished

06 Dec

(derek you can read this)

so i assume all of you reading this (the two of you) have finished reading our november stories by now.  i can let it slip that i wrote a sequel to derek’s november story.  i think it’s pretty good.  tell me what you think –









































































































































so?  i think i captured the essence of his story pretty well.  i actually picked up about twenty minutes after his story finished.  it may have been hard to pick out, but it was evidenced in the line ‘

‘  this was a lot of hard work.


(derek, stop reading this, for serious)

now that that silliness is out of the way, i know which of derek’s stories i’m going to base my december off of.  i’m going to write a direct sequel to ‘Finding Home,’ his january story.  you’ll remember (all six of you who read it) that it was his story of a young man’s slow decent into insanity after purchasing his very first home.  i’m going to continue this story after he has spent some time in the institution that he ended up in.  more than likely, i’ll pick it up on the day of his release.

most of my stories throughout the year have taken very dark turns (or started out in the darkness and never really worked its way clear).  this will give me an opportunity to go a little bit crazy in my story telling.  adding in a bit of randomness along the way as well.

it should be a good time, and i promise i won’t kill anyone this month.

maybe i should take that back …


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