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08 Dec

(Aaron, you’re okay to read this whole entry)

So it’s the 8th and I’ve done nothing for this month – I’ve been traveling and have had very little free time to sit in front of a computer. All I’ve done so far is make a spreadsheet of each month’s summary of Aaron’s stories, and I have a column before and a column afterwards where I can jot down some rough ideas for prequels/sequels. I have not yet reread any of the stories which I will have to do, especially some of the ones I don’t remember as well. I do have the long airplane rides ahead of me, so I should be able to tackle that by tomorrow.

There’s very little I HAVE established. My gut reaction was to do a prequel to his house story where I followed the life of a tree or, say, a stack of lumber as it had thoughts and feelings. But then I realized that’s a terribly dumb idea. So I am pretty much ruling out doing anything with his January story.

I similarly might stay away from his Drell story which I think is EASILY his best of the series, mainly for that reason. It’s so good I don’t really want to tarnish it. However, I did come up with a rough idea for it, so I’m not totally abandoning the idea, but I would say it’s unlikely that I’ll end up using his May idea.

Finally, my last idea was to write a story (and I’ve already told him this) that was so obscure that he had to actually use clues in the story to determine which of his stories I was referencing. But that’s also dumb and really not in the spirit of the topic.

So i’ll go back to what I was doing – sketching out ideas, rereading some of the stories, and eventually landing on an idea. Then I’ll have a week or two to get it done. Not ideal, but life definitely got in the way this month.

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