What I passed up

23 Dec

Here is an excel chart about the topics I had come up with. I addressed many of these in my last post, but I figured I’d post it because it’s been a while since new material was put up. We traded stories tonight and I’m sure we’ll have plenty to write about shortly.


Month Story Prequel Idea Premise Sequel Idea
January Sign of the Times thoughts of a tree or a stack of lumber  A homeowner leaves his house – from the home’s perspective “ghost hunters” examine the house for hauntings
February Rigging the Future Roosevelt travels to the future to get retribution on Taft
March Gaius the Bold explanation of how the aliens came to be a dog protects his house from an alien invasion
April The Fat Man A man accidentally gets involved in Russian espionage
May Climbing for Her  a woman stages an elaborate ruse to break up with a man CSI investigation of the suicide of the man
June Project Titan an alien race discovers man when they try to put an end to the aliens
July Year of the Stone how the wizard came to be a wizard and
start the stone tradition
a boy fulfills a prophecy by turning into the stone he pulls the sword from modern day boy tries to break the curse
August The Ledgers at the Secretary of State while they
approve all of the bad pun corporation names
A husband and wife had altercation about illegal activity they’ve partaken in
September A Life in Rouen All of a writer’s characters come to life the “out” letter is destroyed and the villains try again
October The Baker choose your own adventure – a baker turns a town into clones of his love
November Dark November a dying soldier’s lament to his wife Saving Private Ryan starring the wife
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