My Plans for the Past

15 Jan

In this short post, I’m not going to get into my plans for future writing with this project. There probably will be some. But not for a while. However, let’s talk about the past.

I wrote a dozen stories this year and many of them I’m quite proud of. That being said, I’m proud of what my memory shows they were. I haven’t reread any of them even a paragraph since writing them. So my first project will be to reread all of them. I don’t believe I’ll be making any edits to them (at this time – though I may give in and at least make glaring grammatical corrections), I’ll just be reading them to enjoy them.

Then, like most things on my website, I’ll probably rank them. I have a feeling there will already be some front-runners for top 3, and I probably know which couple are at the bottom of the ladder, but where will everything fall? That’s still in the air as certain stories may be better/worse than my memory leads me to believe.

I enjoyed this project in many ways. At the core, I got out of it exactly what I wanted – I forced myself to write and I forced myself to use rigid deadlines. That I wrote a few very good pieces of writing is icing on the cake, really.

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Posted by on January 15, 2013 in derek's writing, short story project 2012


One response to “My Plans for the Past

  1. Carol Bell

    January 15, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Derek, You have inspired me to do the same- reread your stories and Aaron’s from the entire year. I’ll let you know how I rank them; it will be interesting to see if we agree on any of them!


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