overall i’m pretty satisfied

25 Jan

when i came up with the idea for the 2012 project, it started off as just a way to get myself writing again.  i enlisted the help of derek to send me ideas and feedback about the stories.  wanting nothing more than to use this as an exercise in writing, since it had been years since i spent any actual time writing anything.  when derek said he’d be interested in writing the stories as well i knew i would end up getting more out of the project than i originally thought.

having someone else writing the same stories as i was (well, let’s face it, we are very different people so we never really had the same concepts) pushed me to improve every month.  there were a few months during the year when i had real life get in the way of my writing time (when my 2nd son was born, when a hurricane decided to take out most of the new york tri-state area, the month when everyone was sick pretty much the entire time, etc.)  and to push myself to finish my stories in very limited time i treated it almost like a contest.

one thing i really wanted to get out of each month was an improvement in my writing.  while i’m not sure my stories themselves at the end of the year were the best of what i wrote (more on that later), i know that they were probably my best written stories.  when derek and i would go over our stories each month, in the earlier months i had a bunch of issues that i needed to work on.  by the end of the year most of them were corrected.  i say most because i would hop tenses a lot.  some of this was because i’d scrap my stories partway through the month and start over again.  some of it was my own editing of my stories to be from a different narrator.  some of it was because i’m a f*cking idiot.  i think i managed to get it mostly under control, but pretty much 1/4 of our conversations were having instances pointed out to me.

i haven’t re-read any of my stories at this point, much like derek, but i plan on it.  unlike derek, i’m thinking about doing another round of edits on my stories.  i know there are a few of them that i loved my idea but feel i failed in the execution.  going back to them with more confidence in my writing abilities would let me turn them into what they were supposed to be in the first place.

{quick note, i’ve been writing this post over a couple days when i’ve had time – in between days, derek has updated a few times so he’s already re-read stuff}

i sort of like not having a story i need to finish this month, because it’s given me a nice break with the family after the holiday season to continually break my toes on the various new toys left on the floors of my house.  i’ll probably start my review process in february.  i think overall we had a lot of fun working on this project and want to continue it in some way.  just not with as strict a deadline in place.  we haven’t really spoken about what our new project may look like, but i’m sure it’ll be something and we will keep everyone up to date on this site.

in the mean time i’ve been brainstorming ideas for something new to work on.  i’ve had an idea for a short story for about 9 years now and never actually put any work into it, so i may give that one a go.  i also had an idea for a book, but the more i think about it, it’ll turn into a trilogy.  sort of a dystopian  future where kids are forced to fight each other for their counties.  i don’t think anything like that has been done before, and it really seems like it would be popular with the kids.


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