07 May

While I don’t feel a strict need for secrecy on this project, I will say I think I have my plot and will get to work ASAP on it. However, since hearing about this, I’ve had a number of permutations on a plot that I’ve since abandoned. Really, I kept thinking of a baggage runner at an airport finding The Holy Grail on the ground. Even within that there were a few variants there:

– it was a very dumb runner who saw a red Solo cup and thought it was the Holy Grail

– the woman who finds it is a very conspiracy-theorist type who sees a chalice clearly labelled Holee Grale – and she thinks it’s the gov’t trying to get away with something: couldn’t do this one in 600 words

– it’s actually the code to Jesus or whatever, and not an actual cup – either way, didn’t feel like rehashing DaVinci Code in a micro-story

But the religious aspect has made its way into my final idea, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the holy grail.

By the way, this entry is right now nearly 200 words, meaning this is 1/3 my final word count. YIKES!

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Posted by on May 7, 2013 in derek's writing, monthly topic


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