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Going through the motions?

It’s the 22nd. By this time the first time we did this project, our first draft would be read and marked up already and we’d be doing rewrites. Instead, over this past weekend I finally settled on a topic. I’m not going to share the topic, because I rather like the intrigue the first time the plot is actually revealed. What I *can* say is part of the reason I didn’t start it is the idea is very similar to one of my favorite novels.

Sure, I didn’t come up with the idea because of that, and in fact it was spurred by something wholly unrelated. But as I started doing research into it, I realized it was quite similar to the plot of a novel I love. That right there is what made me hold off on starting writing for a while. Then I said, you know what? Who cares? It’s not like is for an agent who is expecting something to market. It’s for me, it’s for Aaron, it’s for the few people who read it. Maybe I’ll submit it for publication some day, maybe not. It’s different ENOUGH, and it’s a different tone, and it’s a different medium… I’m not really sweating it.

One of the reasons this topic is so exciting (and simultaneously daunting) is that it’s going to rely HEAVILY on description, which I still consider the weakest part of my writing. I can come up with ideas, I can come up with dialogue, I can come up with characters. Describing what’s happening, or even worse describing the actual objects around the characters, the rooms, the environment – I suck at that. And this entire story relies on it. So I guess I’ll be flexing my artistic muscles with this story.

If I ever get the time and inspiration to sit down and actually write more than the first page, that is.

Oh, and this will be the first story I’ve ever written that will include¬†pictures. That doesn’t count¬†my Bad Advice Column, where I’d become quite reliant on Paint to get me through them.


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